Our Family

Chelsea - Chelsea is the matriarch of this oilfield family and writer of this blog. Her favorite things to do include knitting, sewing, batik art, gardening and working on her websites and blogs. She has an MBA and B.A. in Arts Administration and is working to help others through her life coaching and business consulting practice. In May of 2013 she quit her full time job to focus on her own projects and to care for and homeschool her 4 year old son and of course to move to North Dakota so she and Will could live part time in the camper with Jacob. In the winter she, Will and Litha return home to the house in Kentucky.

Jacob - Jacob is the patriarch of this oilfield family. He is currently working as a roustabout. He came to North Dakota in October of 2012 to find a job that would help him pay off his student loan debt. He quickly fell in love with the work and the lifestyle and decided to make a career out of it. He's currently learning the art of welding and hopes that it will help him move up the oilfield job ladder.

Will - Will is our 4 year old little boy. Will likes to do little boy things. Living in North Dakota is some kind of heaven for him with all the heavy machinery. In fact, sometimes it's a task keeping him away from it! Will is a bit shy, but gregarious once you get to know him. As Will has grown up it's become apparent that, much like his parent, Will hates "the man". "The man" in Will's case would be preschool. Some kids love school, some kids hate it. As for Will, I honestly cannot come up with a good descriptor that fully conveys Will's dislike of preschool. Any preschool. Many have been tried! So, it would seem that for now Will's education will be attended to in the form of homesechool, er, camper school.

Litha- Litha was born July 3rd, 2014 at our house in Kentucky. She is the newest and sweetest member of our family.

Thor - Thor is a Great Pyrenees with no nice manners. Living in a camper with a dog his size makes for interesting times.

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