Thursday, August 29, 2013

Kabocha Squash - Baking in the Bakken

Alright, so apparently these things are not native North Dakotan squash, but for some reason they are in every small, local store around here. I have no idea why. I've never seen one before, but they are called Kabocha Squash and must be related to buttercup squash. 

They aren't the prettiest things in the world, but what they lack in looks they make up for in taste.

After seeing them in all the local stores I decided to be brave one day and try them out. I figured I'd just cook them up the same way I've cooked acorn squash. I cut them in half and scooped out the seeds.

I put them in the oven with some butter and cinnamon and hoped for the best. 

This is what the final product looked like and it tasted very similar to a butternut or acorn squash. They were delicious! 

Now, I'm pretty familiar with different kinds of squash, but I'm puzzled by this one. Why in the world is it so popular up here if it's not even grown locally? Anyone have any insight on this one? 

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