Wednesday, June 26, 2013

An Introduction

Welcome to the first post on Tales of an Oilfield Gypsy. If you’ve landed here from my previous blog, Walnut Cottage Homestead, I want to thank you so much for continuing to follow our family! If you’re new around here, welcome, I’m so glad you found us! I hope everyone will enjoy this blog as much as I know I’m going to enjoy writing it. 

This blog will chronicle our family’s adventures living in a camper in the North Dakota oilfield. To get you started go ahead and give the Our Family page a quick read. It has a brief biography on each family member that will be staying in our camper.

Our camper is currently parked in Parshall, ND. Although it is very small, Parshall is filled with some really great people. How many towns do you of where the owner of the hardware store would help you load your potting soil in your car? Parshall is also the home of the Paul Broste RockMuseum, which houses some amazing rocks and crystals.

To give you idea of what to expect in this new blog let’s talk about some of the features you will find. I will be retaining some of the same features as my old blog including the Monday Rundown with news from our family, WIP Wednesday which will focus on camper improvements and personalization and our regular Friday “This Moment” picture.

I will also be including some new features exclusive to this blog. The first of these will be Trailer Living Tuesday which will focus on information about the ups and downs and ins and outs of camper life.  I will also be doing a Thursday post called Bakin’ in the Bakken which will chronicle my experiences with cooking in a camper and using locally sourced produce, meat and spices. 

So, now that you know what to expect, I hope you will join us on our journey! I’ve actually been away from the camper for a few weeks to take care of some business back home, but In the next three weeks I will be gearing up to go back to North Dakota for the fall. Follow me as I get ready for our fall North Dakota adventure!

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