Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Rundown - We're Back!

It’s Monday again and we’re back in North Dakota! I’m always a bit nervous making a two day trip with a kid and a dog by myself, but our trip went incredibly smooth. Upon our return I found that I have a lot of work ahead of me to put into making the camper look like home again. As I figured, six weeks of feral Jacob has turned it into a man cave wreck. Once I get everything cleaned up and put away I’m going to begin working on some of the decorating projects that I have planned. I will make this trailer look nice!

I did manage to put together a meal plan for the week and we went into Minot to get groceries and a new coffee maker. Jacob failed to tell me that he hasn’t had a coffee maker for the last several weeks and has been getting his coffee at the Cenex every morning. This irks me greatly because we have two coffee makers at home and had I known I would have brought one.

Speaking of home we have had a new turn of events in our house selling saga. As in, we aren’t selling. Despite our realtor’s best efforts, the house just wasn’t getting the showings and listing views like we had hoped it would. Our realtor did everything right. It just wasn’t the right time for the house to sell. It actually works out better this way because it gives us a place to go to if we want to go home for the winter. While we are in North Dakota some friends of ours will be staying at the house in preparation for their new baby that’s due in December. It works out best for both parties as it allows us to keep the house, but it won’t sit empty and it gives them a place to prepare for and care for their new baby.

Now that we’ve made it back to North Dakota, tomorrow I am going to take some pictures of our trailer for Trailer Livin’ Tuesday. Don’t judge it too harshly. It may not be pretty, but it’s paid for!

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