Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Rundown - We're Going Back To North Dakota!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Will and I finally got a chance to visit the zoo. He had a wonderful time and I’m so glad we finally found the time to make the trip. It was simply magical watching his eyes light up when he saw all the animals. I have to admit though, while I enjoyed watching Will, I felt a bit sad for the animals. I think I must be getting more sensitive the older I get as I don’t remember having had that reaction before.

In other news, after a shaky start to Jacob’s job with a new company, things are finally starting to take off. Oilfield families, let this be a lesson to you, save every penny you can! The work may pay well and may be plentiful, but the down time and between time will drive you crazy if you’re not prepared!

Now that things are moving again, we are preparing for our return to North Dakota. It looks like we will be leaving on July 14th or thereabouts. Will and I are both so very ready to get back to Jacob and we’re even ready to get back to our little camper on the prairie. So, it looks like the two weeks are going to be filled with packing and prepping. I’m hoping it will be easier this time than it was last time!

I think that covers everything for now. I've got a few more announcements for the coming days, but for the time being I wish you a great week! 

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