Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Trailer Living Tuesday - An Exciting Announcement!

Since we aren't back in North Dakota yet, I don’t have a great Trailer Livin’ post for you this week, but I do have an exciting announcement!

 I was chosen, along with two other ladies, to be a writer for the Real Oilfield Wives website! I can’t tell you how happy and honored I am to have a chance to write about our experience as an oilfield family on a site with such a large readership.

I rarely, if ever, hear about the experiences of oilfield families living in campers, so I plan on focusing my ROW posts on the camper living aspect of oilfield life. The few times I’ve actually heard it mentioned, the tone has always been rather disparaging. As in, “How could you do that to your kids?” or “This type of lifestyle is what’s wrong with kid’s today.” Seriously. I’ve read these things. So, I hope that by writing for the ROW website I can show that it is possible to maintain a healthy family life and raise well-adjusted children who have a sense of structure and rhythm.

Wish me luck! My first post will go live on July 8th! I can’t wait!

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